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Riverbend Park
2918 County Road 29, Pakenham, ON K0A 2X0

2019 Rates
Seasonal Campers

LOT FEES (plus tax) LOT FEES (plus tax)
Non-waterfront $1,725.00 *
Waterfront $2,000.00 *
Additional Seasonal Fees (plus tax) COST
Air Conditioner $140.00
House Refrigerator $125.00
Water Cooler $125.00
Electric Heater $125.00
Electric Hotplate/Stove $125.00
Electric Scooter $75.00
Seasonal Pumping $150.00
Seasonal Grass Cutting $175.00
Winterizing $70.00
Boat Launch $20.00
Boat/Trailer storage on hill (includes launch) $75.00
Seasonal adult overnight pass (relative to seasonal camper) $185.00
Lawnmower rental $5.00
Pumping on regular pump day $20.00
Pumping on non regular pump day $35.00
Firewood per carton $5.00
Firewood per truckload TBD
Lawn cut $30.00
Tent on seasonal lot to accommodate visitors (per day) $20.00
There are seasonal sites available for the 2019 Season

2019 Rates
Non-Seasonal Campers

Tent (2 Adults and Children) (Additional Adult $7.00/day) Fees (plus tax)
Non-waterfront (Daily) $30.00
Non-waterfront (Weekly) $160.00
Trailer (2 Adults and Children) (Additional Adult $7.00/day) Fees (plus tax)
Non-waterfront (Daily) $38.00
Non-waterfront (Weekly) $210.00
Non-waterfront (Monthly) $520.00
Visitors (All visitors and overnight guests must sign in at office or store and pay the fees) Fees (plus tax)
Day Visitor (under 3) Free
Day Visitor (3 - 17) $1.00
Day Visitor (18 and over) $2.00
Overnight Guest (under 3) Free
Overnight Guest (3 - 17) $3.00
Overnight Guest (18 and over) $7.00
Day Visitors must check out by 11 PM
Overnight Guests must check out by 2 PM or pay another day's fee
Rates subject to change without notice
*Seasonal fees are based on weekend use and 4 weeks Vacation.
Campers exceeding this use will be charged an additional $100 to cover extra hydro and services.