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Riverbend Park
2918 County Road 29, Pakenham, ON K0A 2X0

2022 Rates
Seasonal Campers

LOT FEES (plus tax) LOT FEES (plus tax)
Non-waterfront $1,850.00 *
Waterfront $2,125.00 *
Additional Seasonal Fees (plus tax) COST
Air Conditioner $140.00
House Refrigerator $125.00
Water Cooler $125.00
Electric Heater $125.00
Electric Hotplate/Stove $125.00
Electric Scooter $75.00
Seasonal Pumping $150.00
Seasonal Grass Cutting $175.00
Winterizing $70.00
Boat Launch $20.00
Boat/Trailer storage on hill (includes launch) $100.00 per motor boat
Seasonal adult overnight pass (relative to seasonal camper) $185.00
Lawnmower rental $5.00
Pumping on regular pump day $20.00
Pumping on non regular pump day $35.00
Firewood per carton $5.00
Firewood per truckload TBD
Lawn cut $30.00
Tent on seasonal lot to accommodate visitors (per day) $20.00
There are seasonal no sites available for the 2022 Season

Visitors (All visitors and overnight guests must sign in at office or store and pay the fees) Fees (plus tax) Day Visitor (under 3) Free Day Visitor (3 - 17) $1.00 Day Visitor (18 and over) $2.00 Overnight Guest (under 3) Free Overnight Guest (3 - 17) $3.00 Overnight Guest (18 and over) $7.00 Day Visitors must check out by 11 PM Overnight Guests must check out by 2 PM or pay another day's fee Rates subject to change without notice
*Seasonal fees are based on weekend use and 4 weeks Vacation.
Campers exceeding this use will be charged an additional $100 to cover extra hydro and services.